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The Glo​bal Pound Conference is your opportunity to be part of history.​ Structured around four inte​ractive sessions​ where Core Questions will be voted and discussed, and ​aimed at better understanding the demand for and supply of Dispute Resolution services. Come listen to and interact with eminent international​ and local speakers​, who will share their perspectives on the future of Dispute Resolution.  Join in the conversation and help shape ​the future of dispute resolution and access to justice by attending this unique event​!

Through a series of interactive voting and discussion sessions using new technologies and their smart phones, all participants will be able to express their views on a range of vital issues affecting how disputes are resolved – with results projected instantly and comparing priorities by stakeholder category. Each session will generate valuable and actionable data on what dispute resolution users actually need, and how others stakeholders can help meet those needs. The goal of the Series is to stimulate real impact and effective change.  Be part of a unique opportunity to make a real impact and shape the future of dispute resolution and access to justice around the world IN PARIS ON THE 26TH OF APRIL . » ​​​


The Young Mediators’ Initiative (YMI) was established to support young mediators and mediation advocates with finding opportunities to gain experience in the field of Mediation. 

It is intended as a platform where young mediators and mediation advocates can contact each other, share knowledge, get in touch with organizations and network with competent mediators and mediation advocates to gain experience through shadowing, assistantships, internships, co-mediations and mentoring programs. 

The Young Mediators’ Initiative is run by its members on a voluntary basis.   

Please explore the left side menu of this page to find out more about YMI.

We invite you to collaborate! To help develop the initiative, you are welcome to share your resources, contacts and knowledge for the benefit of Young Mediators and Mediation Advocates worldwide. All contributions, suggestions and inspirations can be sent to the YMI Team at:



The ICC Mediation Week includes two major events dedicated to mediation and hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC):

During a period of seven days, ICC welcomes over 500 participants, mediators, academics and students from around the world. The Mediation Week allows them to discuss new developments in mediation, to share and analyse experiences and to meet with colleagues from more than 40 countries.